Accelerate toward the finish line

It can be challenging for smaller studios to find the time, budget, and expertise to perform quality assurance tasks on projects before release. To this end, The Machine has developed a series of affordable, fixed-price packages designed to help its clients gain confidence in their projects, understand how consumers and critics will respond, develop rigorous issue tracking processes and procedures, and more.

For a one-off cost of AUD$2000 (plus GST), The Machine can embed in your team to perform any two of the following tasks.

Report on Build Health

The Machine will perform exploratory testing of your software, identifying and detailing bugs, to give you an overview on current build health. Our experienced senior staff are capable of not only finding bugs, but knowing where to look to find the less obvious ones. At the end of the process, you will receive a report detailing the effort, which parts of the software received coverage, and

Establish Issue Tracking

The Machine QA's senior staff will work with managers, producers, and team leaders to develop a fully tailored issue tracking solution, giving your team the ability to track and manage development tasks, bugs, and other issues. This package includes setup of the software, as well as user training for both system administrators and normal users.