The Machine is a quality assurance firm, created to serve local software creators in Australia and New Zealand, and ultimately all around the world.

With a strong background in games and professional services software development, The Machine aims to provide reliable outsourced quality assurance services to studios that need them.

We're local. We're experts. We're worth it.


Our People


Jason Imms
Managing Director

Jason Imms is the head of The Machine, offering his extensive experience in software QA management, paired with his many years as a games and technology journalist for publications around the world.

Jason's skillset is... eclectic, but combines perfectly to form the heart of The Machine, providing the ability to not only deliver outsourced QA and training, but also our copywriting, editing, and mock reviews services.

Jason is a husband, a father of five, and a proud Tasmanian.


Emily Stone
Senior QA Consultant

Emily Stone is a Senior consultant for The Machine, with years of experience working as a software quality assurance expert. She's worked with some big-name clients in various industries including Construction, Education, and Retail. Emily is well versed in QA processes, and has experience leading a number of different teams over the course of her career.

She has an avid interest in the games industry, and is passionate about helping others produce the best work possible, making awesome things even better.

Outside of The Machine, Emily is an animator, developer, and the QA lead for the Hobart-based Myriad Games Studio. She's also the proud owner of her dog, Bean.